Enhance Every Mode of Your Life

Boogie Board reusable writing and creativity products enhance every mode of your life to make it easier, fun and more organized. Now there’s just one question left to answer, which modes describe your lifestyle best?

two children playing


Unplug and become immersed in open creative play.

The playroom is a place where a child can be free from rules and expectations. Which is the inspiration behind all of Boogie Board’s reusable kids drawing tablets and doodle boards.

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close-up of brushes and art table


Explore a world of inspiration and intentional self-discovery.

Boogie Board’s drawing tablets and activity kits transform your kids’ Activities Corner into a place where anything is possible with a little artistic skill and a ton of inspiration.

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Living room with chairs and couch


Keep your life organized, mindlessly doodle, have fun— or all of the above.

Boogie Board’s reusable writing tablets and memo boards are designed to make life at home more organized, fun and informed.

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Office setting with desk and computer


Stay focused, express ideas, take notes and get the job done.

From taking notes and creating to do lists, to brainstorming and proving concepts, Boogie Board’s reusable notebooks mean that doing work does not always have to feel like you’re working.

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classroom with chairs


At home or in the classroom, learning new skills should be fun.

Classroom learning experiences should be fun, educational and collaborative. Our reusable writing and drawing tablets are perfect for classroom participation and easy cleanup.

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